Acupuncture for Weight Loss

March 4, 2016 by Ann Rea, Phoenix Acupuncturist

Has anyone ever told you that being over weight is not your problem? Rather, it is a symptom that your body is not functioning properly. At H+H instead of telling you that you need to lose weight to get healthy, we say you need to be healthy to lose weight. Here are the ways we can help you feel better and get started on your weight loss journey:

Balance Hormones
Here is a secret the weight loss industry does not want you to know. You cannot loose weight if your hormones are not balanced. You have two types of hormones that contribute to weight. You have fat storing hormones and fat burning hormones. Acupuncture helps your body balance these hormones, by turning off your fat- storing ones and turning on your fat burning ones to promote optimal health and weight loss.

Improve Digestion
We focus on improving elimination, decreasing bloating, and increasing metabolism, all of which promote weight loss. Often patients can lose 5-10 pounds just in bloat and water weight after we regulate their digestive function.

Reduce Pain, Promote activity
We have written a lot about how acupuncture reduces pain. Its pretty hard to be physically active if you are in pain so reducing or eliminating any pain is our first priority when you become a patient with us. After you are pain free we will begin to make exercise recommendation based on your preferences, abilities and resources. Using acupuncture to eliminate pain will support your body so that you can introduce and/or sustain physical activity.

Improve Mental Clarity and Mindfulness
By helping you be more mindful, you will reduce portion sizes, eat more slowly, better recognize hunger cues and make better food choices to nurture your body. Approaching nutrition from a place of mindfulness makes a huge difference in perception about our diets.

Make an appointment now, and let us help you begin your journey.

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