Benefits of Acupuncture

February 26, 2016 by Ann Rea, Phoenix Acupuncturist

Acupuncture treatment for ArthritisOften patients come into our clinic for pain treatment. The funny thing is, they begin to realize that there are lots of other benefits to acupuncture:

Improved Sleep
Sometimes patients forget to tell us that they have a sleep problem. Several sessions into treatment they realize that they are sleeping so much better, less tossing and turning in the night, and waking up rested. Improved sleep is the most common side effect of getting acupuncture

Improved Digestion (Pooping Daily)
A marker of your overall health is the frequency of your bowel movements. It is often not something you think about a lot, but pooping every day is normal and you feel so much better. Daily poops decrease bloating, and improve weight loss. A happy bowel is a happy body.

Increased Mental Clarity
Ever find yourself loosing focus, experiencing brain fog, or memory loss. Memory loss is expected if you are over 90 years old, but not younger. Patients report significant improvement in mental clarity following their acupuncture visits.

Improved Immune system
Our patients who come for regular acupuncture treatment and who take care of their bodies don’t get sick period. That means no allergies, no colds, no flu.

Increased Energy
This can be a side effect of the previous four benefits, but people regularly report they just feel better once they start getting acupuncture.

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