Acupuncture for the Treatment of Sciatica

Written by Ann on December 16, 2014

Do you have a pain in your butt? No, we’re not talking about the holiday pains of mothers-in law or ex-spouses who can’t agree on when you’ll have the kids. We mean a literal pain in your lower back and buttocks. This can mean that you have a pinched or aggravated sciatic nerve, and it can result in acute or chronic pain that can lead to more issues than those in-laws you might be trying to avoid.

Defining Sciatica
Technically, any pain

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Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity, and Acupuncture

Written by Ann on November 7, 2014

Although it may seem like a fad to be gluten free, for the millions of Americans who suffer from gluten sensitivity, the problem is real. While following a diet that is free from gluten is the surest way to avoid gastrointestinal issues, being “glutened” happens. Gluten hides in many foods, and if you eat out often, it’s likely you’ll suffer from a secret attack at some point. While you know the symptoms are inevitable, what you might not know is

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Acupuncture Boosts Immunity and Curbs Seasonal Colds

Written by Ann on November 1, 2014

There are many things that signal the coming of fall, including cooler temperatures, pumpkin-flavored everything, and sniffles. While the first two signs are welcomed, the last – an oncoming cold — is not something we tend to look forward to this time of year. Luckily, acupuncture offers an alternative to the standard assumption that fall and winter equal an annual cold.

How Acupuncture Boosts Immunity
Research has shown that acupuncture increases white blood cells in the body, which boosts the immune system

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Treating Shingles with Acupuncture

Written by Ann on October 16, 2014

Every year outside of drug stores, you’ll see the signs: Get Your Shingles Vaccination Here! But do you know what shingles is and how you get it? Often, it’s not until you’re dealing with the virus yourself that you gain knowledge of it — and then you’re in the predicament of trying to eradicate it. Today, we’ll provide some education about shingles and ways you can both avoid getting it and what to do if you wind up getting it

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Acupuncture and De Qi Work to Improve Bell’s Palsy

Written by Ann on October 5, 2014

Bell’s palsy may be one of those conditions that you’ve not heard of, but for those affected, it can be a life-altering diagnosis. Thankfully, there is a proven, natural approach to help: acupuncture. And studies show that de qi, a specific application of acupuncture techniques, leads to an almost 20% improvement above using standard acupuncture.

What Is Bell’s Palsy?
Bell’s Palsy only affects the facial muscles, resulting in partial paralysis of the face and/or lack of control of those muscles. Typically, it

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