Treating Arthritis with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine

Written by Ann Rea, Phoenix Acupuncturist on February 8, 2016

Have Arthritis?  Here is how we can help you.

There are two different types of arthritis.  First there is osteoarthritis.  This type can effect any joint in the body.  The most common joints effected are the knees, hips and spine. Arthritis results from “overuse” of a joint, or from an injury to a joint.  Overuse can mean anything from repetitive movement associated with athletics or work activities, or just from life.  Walking every day for 70 years can be considered “overuse”.


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Acupuncture for Pain – Our Methodologies

Written by Ann Rea, Phoenix Acupuncturist on January 29, 2016

We specialize in the treatment of pain with acupuncture and are unique in that we are skilled in multiple methods of pain treatment.  We expect our patients to get results; therefore we evaluate each patient individually, and apply the technique most suitable for YOU.  You are a unique individual, therefore the treatment for you needs to be customized for your needs and goals.

One of our first line treatment methodologies is call distal needling or “The Balance Method”.  With this treatment,

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Hot Flashes – Night Sweats – How to Survive Menopause Naturally

Written by Ann Rea, Phoenix Acupuncturist on January 22, 2016

With the life span of the average American woman at nearly 80 years old, each of us will spend almost 35 years post menopause.  Lets make this phase of your life even better that the 35 years you spent having periods.

Excessive sweating during the day (hot flashes) or night (night sweats) can be a major nuisance.  Hot flashes can be down right embarrassing and night sweats can interfere with your ability to get a full night of restful sleep.

You might

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See what your acupuncturist eats in a day!

Written by Ann Rea, Phoenix Acupuncturist on December 2, 2015

We wanted to mix things up on the blog this week so that you can get to know us a little bit better! This is a full day of what Ann typically eats during the week. We each have our own approach to nutrition but always eat real, whole foods, mostly from local sources, focusing on things that both taste great and make us feel amazing!

Breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal with pomegranate seeds, and some Wild Friends pumpkin spice

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Practicing Gratitude For A More Healthful Life

Written by Ann Rea, Phoenix Acupuncturist on November 25, 2015

We love that people spend time thinking about what they’re grateful for during the holidays, and we teach and encourage our patients to actively practice gratitude all year long! Practicing gratitude is a powerful way to change your attitude, outlook and create a more positive life  As it turns out, there is scientific proof that being grateful is good for your health! However it doesn’t happen by accident; you have to be conscious and intentional with your gratitude practice, here

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