Fitness Myths

July 13, 2016 by admin

• Organic foods are best for weight loss:  While eating organic/pesticide free foods are on the healthier side, it does not change their caloric or fat contents. Eating organic does not mean you can eat more of it and gain less weight. Be aware of nutrition labels when setting health and fitness goals.

• You can eat whatever you want if you work out:  Diet and exercise go hand in hand. In order to lose weight, a caloric deficit is required. Which means you cannot eat a cheeseburger and fries every day as long as you get a workout in. In order to lose 1 pound you must burn 3,500 calories, so it is important to keep track of calories consumed and calories burned when setting fitness goals. Metabolic rates vary with every individual, which is why some find it easier to stay leaner while doing less. However, it is important to keep in mind that what goes on your plate can make or break your workouts.

• You can’t skip a workout:  It is important to incorporate rest days into exercise routines. Our bodies and muscles need to recover from training so as to avoid injury from overuse. Rest days will help muscles heal and recover. Thus, promoting increased strength and better future workouts.

• “No pain, no gain:”  Feeling soreness a couple of days after your workout is normal and no cause for alarm. However, if you feel uncomfortable pain while working out that does not go away after taking a brief rest, then you may be on the verge of an injury. It is not always the best idea to work through the pain if the pain continues throughout your workout.

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