How Does Acupuncture Work?

March 11, 2016 by Ann Rea, Phoenix Acupuncturist

Acupuncture works through several mechanisms. We  know that the needles stimulate blood circulation which brings all of the components of the blood such as oxygen, vitamins and nutrients, hormones, immune cells, antioxidants, inflammatory factors and a host of other components to targeted areas. These factors in our blood are essential in healing both chronic and acute health conditions. It is vital to have nutrient and oxygen-rich blood circulating to all areas of our bodies, including muscles, nerves, organs and glands in order for the body to function properly. This critical component of health is part of what makes acupuncture work so well!

We also know that the sterile, stainless steel needle interacts with the nervous system.  The nervous system is analogous to an electrical system, sending impulses from the body to the brain and then back to the body. Especially in chronic health conditions, the nervous system will shut down circulation to certain areas of the body in order to protect itself. The acupuncture needle creates a new nerve stimulus which causes the brain to “wake up” and re-start or initiate the healing process. This ‘rewiring” of the brain is extremely effective in healing chronic health conditions.

So acupuncture works through several mechanisms, we probably do not understand them all, but we do know, based on our clinical experience, that 80-90% of patients who follow a treatment plan, get better.

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