How I am getting a few lb’s off this spring

February 12, 2016 by Ann Rea, Phoenix Acupuncturist

Every year or so, it seems like a few extra pounds sneak onto my body.  I start avoiding the scale, but can’t avoid putting on pants, so I can not hide from the news.

What to do……

Freak out and cry?  Tear off every outfit that does not look so hot?  Well maybe, but pouting does not help, so I snap out of it quickly and develop a plan to get back to a reasonable weight.

And what is a reasonable weight?  Well its just a number, and often a moving target, but I pick a weight that I can sustain, that makes me feel good and allows me to wear most of the clothes in my closet.  Oh and still have that beloved red wine on the weekends.

I am a big fan of intermittent fasting.  Dr, Joseph Mercola writes extensively on this subject.  Short version – I do all my eating in an eight hour time window.  The window can be any time of the day, 7am – 3pm, 10am – 6pm, whatever works for you.  I happen to use Noon-8:00pm because that works well for my clinic work schedule.  The key is to make sure the meals I do eat are as nutrient dense as possible.  I cook at home, I use fresh foods in season, I focus on sustainable raised meat and fish. (I am an Everythingaterian).  I meal plan for the week, and cook some of my meals in advance.  I drink coffee.  And lots of water.

When things are really tough, I drop a few of my favorite foods, just for a little while, such as grains, nuts, fruit, seeds.

If you need some help loosing or few, or quite a few lbs, we can help.  Set up an appointment via our website and lets talk.


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