At Harmony + Health Acupuncture we are committed to providing exceptional care at an affordable price.


Current Specials:

Seasonal Allergy Program- Receive 6 acupuncture treatments along with Standard Process allergy supplements for $357 (30% off)

Introductory Treatment Package- Receive an initial visit (90 minutes) along with 3 follow up visits (60 minutes each) for $288 (10% off)

Initial consultation and treatment: $95
Your first appointment takes 60–90 minutes and includes:

  • consultation
  • complete health history
  • physical exam
  • acupuncture treatment
  • additional modalities if needed (electroacupuncture, cupping, gua sha)
  • traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) diagnosis

Follow-up visit: $75
After you’ve started with us, you’ll want to return to see how you’re progressing. This appointment lasts approximately 60 minutes and includes:

  • acupuncture
  • herbal prescriptions, where appropriate (at an additional investment)
  • goal setting
  • treatment plan
  • lifestyle recommendations

Introductory treatment package: $288 (10% Discount)
Your introductory treatment plan includes the initial consultation and treatment as well as three follow-up visits, for a total of 4 office visits.

Consultation only: $27
If you are curious about whether or not acupuncture will be a good fit for your needs, this is a good place to start. If you choose to move forward, your investment will be applied to the cost of the initial treatment. This appointment lasts 30 minutes and includes:

  • consultation
  • health history

Custom treatment plan: 20% Discount
At Harmony + Health Acupuncture Phoenix, we are focused on a comprehensive approach to your healthcare. We appreciate that you share the same attention to your health and want to make a positive lifestyle change with acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. We collaborate with you to develop a plan, providing a discount for being proactive. The plan includes:

  • acupuncture
  • herbal prescriptions and medicines
  • lifestyle counseling
  • sleep and stress classes