Sitting is the New Smoking

July 28, 2016 by admin

A large number of patients who come to our clinic complain of neck, back, shoulder, knee, wrist and hand pain.  A typical seated office worker “has more muscular skeletal injuries than any other industry sector worker including construction, metal industry and transportation workers”. A contributing factor to a lot of muscular skeletal pain is excessive sitting.  According to Dr. James Levine, the director of the Mayo Clinic Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative: we are sitting ourselves to death; sitting is more dangerous than smoking.

The human body is not designed to sit, out bodies were designed to hunt, gather, farm, defend ourselves, to move all the time.

Today, we sit eating breakfast, sit on the way to work, sit at work, sit on the way home, sit while eating dinner, and then sit in front of the TV or computer, or slouched over a phone.  Even if you exercise for an hour a day, and eat healthy, you cannot make up for the damage that is done to your body by all this sitting.

So what are we to do?

Start standing up more.

Stand and/or move for at least 2 minutes every 30 minutes you spend sitting, including at work and at home.

Make an appointment at Harmony + Health Acupuncture.  The first thing we will do is get rid of you pain, then we’ll teach you basic maintenance that you can do yourself to prevent injuries from re-occurring.

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