Clinical Nutrition


We use clinical nutrition to decrease inflammation, improve the microbiome, and help with weight loss or gain. We combine Eastern medical principals with modern scientific research, along with a focus on macro and micro nutrient balance.

The nutrition practice at Harmony + Health Acupuncture, Phoenix AZ is based on a whole food philosophy. The nutrients found in foods work together like a symphony to provide your body with the right balance that is the most compatible with your biochemistry. For example, there are over 200 known nutrients and phytonutrients found in the carrot root. The carrot is not just beta-carotene. It is zinc and lysine and calcium and folate and many other essential components.

When we start to separate these many components from one another, the orchestra either stops playing or sounds really out of tune. Man-made compounds found in typical vitamins are synthetic isolated components that can be difficult for your body to metabolize. Recent discoveries in nutritional science now reveal that synthetic vitamins can actually cause harm over time.

This is why getting your nutrients from your food is so important. It’s the difference between reading a really good short story and only being given 3 words in a paragraph. The body needs all these nutrients working together to make sense out of it and to get the full spectrum of health benefits.

Our nutritional philosophy is that you do not have to eat a perfect diet. Rather, we teach people to work toward a diet that is more nutrient dense with an awareness of caloric intake. The patient needs to develop their own nutritional plan; we teach principals and help you work toward an eating plan that is optimal for you. There is no perfect diet, but there is an optimal diet for each individual.


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